Long criss-cross (10mm-16mm)
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  • Invisible magnetic stripe
  • Very light as a feather
  • Wear them up to 60 times

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Our iconic invisible magnetic eyelashes are a real revolution in the world of false eyelashes. They wear without glue and are with no magnets in sight. They have a very thin and soft cotton band on the surface with magnetic powder inside which allows the adhesion of the eyelashes to the eyeliner in a few seconds without unsightly glue residues. No more discomfort and red eyes, give yourself an unprecedented feeling of comfort as if you were wearing your natural eyelashes. The only eyelashes with an ergonomic shape that follows the natural curve of the eye unlike older generation magnetic eyelashes. Reusable up to 60 times and can be worn up to 15 hours a day.

The only brand in Italy to offer over 40 models of black and brown eyelashes, for every occasion, for every woman of any age.

* Magnetic eyeliner is not included and must be purchased separately

  • Apply 1-2 layers of magnetic eyeliner and let it dry for a couple of minutes.
  • Apply lashes to eyelids and press gently.
  • Are you ready!

Most orders ship from our warehouse within 24-48 business hours. We do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.

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The world's #1 invisible magnetic stripe

Reusable up to 60 times

Fast application in 2 seconds

Vegan OK

Korean bionic silk

Ergonomic shape


100% natural eyelash effect

The magnetic powder is present inside a soft cotton band. No one will know you are wearing false eyelashes!

You can see that you are wearing false eyelashes

Effect too "fake". There are 5-10 unsightly magnets on the band that are clearly seen on the eye.

Zero Red Eyes and Zero Tears

The magnetic powder is present inside the soft cotton band and never comes into direct contact with the eye.

High risk of metal allergies

The magnets on the surface come into direct contact with the eye and can cause irritation.

Feel Nothing. Lashes Are Ergonomic

The magnetic powder allows you to create ergonomic eyelashes that follow the natural curve of the eye.

The magnet is flat and feels on you

The magnets are heavy and flat and may cause discomfort, you can't wear them for a long time.

The Whole Band Is Magnetic Better Than 100 Magnets

The whole band is magnetic, the magnet is very strong but you can't see or feel it. Your eyelashes will last you a long time!

Magnets Detach After Few Uses

The magnets on the lashes detach after a few uses and you'll have to buy new lashes again!

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Customer Reviews

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Diana C.
Invisibili davvero.

Le striscia magnetica è davvero invisibile a differenza di altre ciglia con calamita in vista. Effetto extension garantito, ma molto meglio.


Adoro queste ciglia! Ho acquistato le ciglia con magnete invisibile li adoro!! Ottima soluzione!!

Nina L.
Mi fanno sentire bella

Sono bellissime, nn posso crederci che ho queste ciglia favolose!

Loretta S.

Non sono abituata a portare le ciglia, quindi probabilmente devo ancora imparare! Adoro quanto sia facile da applicare.Tutte le ciglia sono bellissime. E non devo preoccuparmi del sollevamento delle estremità.

Patrizia A.
Veramente ottime!

Ho letto tante recensioni e tutte positive e non posso che confermare. A parte inizialmente che è necessario fare un po’ di pratica per posizionarle ma devo dire che una volta presa la mano le ciglia rimangono veramente ben salde senza dare alcun fastidio! Facilissimo il loro utilizzo, io non ho messo sopra il mascara ma solamente un pochino sulle mie per dare un po’ di volume e poi applicato quelle e il risultato è super naturale. Feedback positivo!